TripDAWG – A Customizable Fleet Management Tool from Vehicle Licensing Consultants

TripDAWG – A Customizable Fleet Management Tool from Vehicle Licensing Consultants

Technology is improving so many aspects of daily life, and it can make an enormous difference for your company whether you are a service-based organization or a delivery business. TripDAWG – The Customizable Fleet Management Tool from Vehicle Licensing Consultants is a unique fleet management telematics program that is customizable to meet the specific objectives of your fleet. It allows data to be analyzed so that you can make informed decisions in management, logistics, safety, and compliance. With TripDAWG’s innovative and integrated technological solutions, it has become the premier customizable fleet management tool to enhance efficiency, safety, and compliance in commercial vehicles.

With TripDAWG as the foundation of your fleet’s technology system, you can have peace of mind that your dispatchers, managers, drivers and other staff members are working together efficiently and collaboratively to best meet the needs of your company.


How Does TripDAWG Work?

Step 1: The first step in using TripDAWG telematics solutions is to install individual Geotab fleet telematics devices in each one of your commercial vehicles. Click here to read about Geotab’s innovative technology, and learn how it can increase the safety of your drivers and the productivity of your company.

Step 2: After the Geotab devices are installed in each of your fleet vehicles, you can use the TripDAWG program to gather and analyze data on the following:

  • The health and reliability of each of your vehicles
  • The regulatory compliance of your fleet
  • Specific routes
  • Areas for improved efficiency
  • Driver safety
  • Sustainability

TripDawg also provides easy access to data reports, so you aren’t left feeling disorganized or frustrated trying to locate information when you need it.


GeoTab and TripDAWG Provide Security for Your Data

It’s the job of Geotab devices to collect data from each of the commercial vehicles in your fleet. Once collected, they use an ES256 encryption standard to encrypt the data and keep it private; this means you are able to safely and discreetly obtain the data without it being leaked or shared. It’s important that you are able to manage your fleet without the risk of any kind of compromised security or potential data loss due to cyber attacks. The TripDAWG telematics solution program helps your company easily gather and analyze the data so that you can quickly and easily figure out how to increase your business’s productivity and safety on the roadways.


What are the Main Benefits of TripDAWG Technology?

Because TripDAWG technology is providing your company with data in real time using the Geotab telematics devices, it can help you to save valuable money and time dealing with issues such as:

  • inclement weather
  • fuel management and cost
  • cellular service black out spots
  • road work and other road closures
  • safety precautions and protocols
  • parking solutions
  • hazardous roadways or dangerous driving conditions
  • asset tracking
  • and more!


What to do About CSA Scores Being Below the Industry Standard?

If you have been struggling with safety violations and your company would like to have the data that it needs to decrease its CSA scores, the TripDAWG management telematics solution from Vehicle Licensing Consultants is perfect for this purpose. It can help you pinpoint problems across-the-board and communicate with your drivers to increase safety precautions and decrease violations.


Why Work With Vehicle Licensing Consultants?

At Vehicle Licensing Consultants we have a friendly and knowledgeable team that always goes the extra mile to optimize safety, sustainability, and productivity in the commercial fleet industry. For general inquiries, you can call us at 530-637-1696 or email us at, and you can also sign up for our newsletter to learn more at the bottom of our website.

Each one of our staff members at Vehicle Licensing Consultants wants to help you implement the most helpful technology on the market today so that you can focus your time, energy, and attention on growing your business and meeting the needs of your customers.

Tesla Semis – The Future of Sustainable Carrier Fleets?

Tesla Semis – The Future of Sustainable Carrier Fleets?

The future of the trucking industry has arrived with the new Tesla semi truck being released this year. Tesla semis were first revealed by Elon Musk in 2017 and experienced quite a few delays getting to the market. The brand new electric truck has finally arrived however, and the Pepsi Company (PepsiCo) is the first carrier company to use it.

PepsiCo originally ordered 100 Tesla semi trucks, and 15 of the vehicles will be launched first in the Modesto area. Following Modesto, PepsiCo will launch 21 more of the Tesla semis in Sacramento. The Pepsi Company owns one of the largest private semi fleets in all of North America and hopes to reduce their carbon footprint with these new energy efficient vehicles. The trucks can supposedly run for up to 425 miles using a single charge, making them the most sustainable semi on the market today.

The Pepsi company will begin transporting its famous Frito-Lay products from their Modesto California facility and will also send trucks on 100 mile daily routes, delivering Pepsi cola from the Sacramento warehouse. It also plans to test out the new trucks’ long range capabilities using the Sacramento facility, driving Pepsi from the Sacramento branch to other stores and warehouses located between 300 and 400 miles away.

The California Air Resources Board is working with PepsiCo to transition the facility in Modesto to be able to demonstrate all of the benefits of zero, and near zero emission technologies on both current and future sustainability. According to a CNBC interview with Mike O’Connell, the vice president of the supply chain for PepsiCo., the Tesla semi project has already delivered a 91% reduction in greenhouse gasses. This energy savings is an excellent first step which the company then plans to filter down into their other operations.


Transitioning to Electric Semis Means Updated Trucking Fleet Management

As more and more companies start transitioning to sustainable models such as the Tesla semi, they will need trucking fleet management services more than ever. What fleet management means is the ability to maintain accurate records and licensing documentation for an entire fleet of vehicles. Trucking fleet management can be overwhelming for a company to manage in-house since many companies are already at capacity with their staff and resources.

What fleet management means when you choose to hire a company like VLC, is less stress and more streamlined trucking fleet management from an entire team of professionals. At VLC we want to take the headache and hassle of trucking fleet management off of your plate so that you can focus on your routes, employees, maintenance, and all of the other day-to-day things that come with running a successful carrier company.

We also believe what fleet management means is more than just driver compliance. We have been serving customers for more than 50 years and are experienced at providing solutions to the entire trucking industry not only for driver compliance, but also for fleet optimization and vehicle compliance as well.


Choose VLC to Provide Optimum Trucking Fleet Management and Customer Service

At VLC we have an entire team of experts who have dedicated their careers to understanding the challenges of the trucking industry and are always working to both improve trucking fleet management and provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to each carrier company’s fleet of vehicles.

Along with basic trucking fleet management we also can assist businesses with driver safety and compliance, permitting and reporting, IRP registration, licensing, and operations’ costs. Whether your company is thinking about transitioning to electric fleets in the near future, or whether that is way out on the horizon, we will be ready to assist you in optimizing your trucking fleet management whenever you’re ready. This way, you can rest assured knowing an entire team of professionals is providing a foundation of safety, security, and optimum customer service for your business. Give us a call VLC today by dialing 530-637-1696 or emailing us at

What is Geotab?

What is Geotab?

At Vehicle Licensing Consultants (VLC), we commonly get questions about Geotab and how it can benefit carrier companies. But what is Geotab exactly and how can it help you make better informed decisions for your business? At VLC we want to help our clients understand the ins and outs of the industry and offer tools that can help make it simpler to increase your company’s efficiency.


What is Geotab?


Geotab is a commercial telematics vendor that offers GPS tracking solutions for vehicles along with other non-vehicle asset tracking. Geotab has been rated number one by the ABI research group for commercial telematics vendors, and it continues to impress the international community with innovative and creative solutions combined with top-of-the-line technology.

Whether you are a small company that has only a single vehicle or a large company that has an entire fleet, when you go to your Geotab login the “My Geotab” program can help you stay abreast of what is happening with your fleet at any time.


What kinds of things does Geotab offer?


The solutions that your Geotab login offers are many and the Geotab Data Insight Solution program can provide you with essential data analysis to organize and empower your company. The Geotab marketplace uses a variety of products that can help with efficiency, allowing you to know the location of all of your vehicles at any time.

Geotab offers the following benefits to carrier companies across the globe:


  • increased optimization through fleet maintenance
  • fleet benchmarking
  • fleet management
  • asset tracking and management
  • routing and dispatching services
  • driver tracking and reporting


Geotab also offers safety and compliance in the following areas:


  • driver coaching through a Geotab login
  • electronic logging device (ELD)
  • driver/vehicle inspection reports
  • driver safety reporting
  • dash cams
  • compliance within the international fuel tax agreement (FTA)


Finally, Geotab offers both sustainability and expandability through:


  • hardware integration
  • data insights to companies
  • EV fleet management software integration
  • greenhouse gas and emission reductions


What is the Geotab GO?


The Geotab GO is a small vehicle tracking device that is a leader in the worldwide marketplace in GPS services. The Geotab GO easily plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII port if one is available, and if not, an adapter can be used as well.

There is no lengthy installation process and installing the Geotab GO does not require a professional installation expert or any specialty tools at all! Data can be sent from a variety of sources within the vehicle including:


  • the instrument panel
  • the drivetrain
  • the engine
  • other subsystems


By using a variety of internal networks, the Geotab GO is able to provide rich data at all times. There is also a Geotab GO “rugged” telematics device that is perfect for heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, oilfield equipment, and any yellow iron vehicles. It is hearty and near indestructible, can be installed in a location where it will be exposed to the elements, and has all of the benefits of Geotab for your heavy machinery.


Reach Out to Learn More About Geotab Today!


If you are interested in learning more about how Geotab can help you contact us at VLC today by calling 530-637-1696 or emailing us at

Fact/Benefits of DQMConnect™ | VLC

Fact/Benefits of DQMConnect™ | VLC

Fact/Benefits of DQMConnect™

DQMConnect™ was built by VLC because our customers were looking for a self-managed solution for DQ files. Having developed a successful asset management solution, working with industry experts and customer alike, we were able to create a simple, yet powerful DQ file management system, DQMConnect™.

Yes, you asked, and we listened. We designed DQMConnect™ and through partnership with Elite Extra, we built and another amazing solution to help fleet companies, fleet managers, and HR become more efficient at hiring, onboarding, and maintaining driver compliance.

Driver applications are usually messy, illegible, and incomplete making it necessary for the hiring company to go back and forth with the applicant to obtain the information. DQMConnect™ guides the applying driver through the online application process, not allowing gaps, or missing information, providing the hiring company a clean complete application in order to begin the hiring process.

DQMConnect™ helps the hiring company organize, streamline, and simplify their hiring process by providing alerts and emails when an applicant has submitted a completed application. They can now make decisions quicker to schedule interviews and drive tests through the driver’s portal.

All required hiring documents are electronically completed and stored in the applicant/driver files and flagged for missing items. Electronic forms can be easily viewed by any decision maker for final approval.

DQMConnect™ gives all applicants/drivers the ability to setup their online account to store their hiring and ongoing employment documents. They can securely and easily upload company requested items through their smart phones and tablets to their personal portal for company admin’s review and file.

DQMConnect™ is a simple self-managed solution designed by fleet companies for fleet companies. It’s never been so easy to update driver files with most recent information by utilizing the driver communication portal.

Overview of DQMConnect™ features

First and foremost, DQMConnect™ allows companies to maintain complete control over their driver files. Your drivers are precious resources and keeping their information safe and secure is of utmost importance.

In addition to the flexibility of DQMConnect™ to fit any size company, here are the main application features grouped by activity:


  • Smart eApplication improves applicant experience
  • Automated employment verification; previous employment history and safety verification
  • Identifies gaps (missing forms, mismatch of experience and employment history, etc.)
  • Interview questions are customizable and sharable
  • E-road test and automated certification


  • Professional, intelligent dashboard
  • Driver life cycle workflow management
  • Driver history
  • DOT auditor managed portal
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Notifications, alerts for renewals; improved driver renewal workflow
  • Easy file upload – easy implementation
  • Ability to manage multiple companies or locations


  • Driver communication portal
  • Smart eApplication reduces time to complete necessary tasks during application, onboarding, and renewals
  • Alerts, both text and email to facilitate access the portal
  • Easy file upload makes implementing, maintaining, and using DQMConnect™ a time-saving experience
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrates with other systems such as D&A, MVR, Payroll, HR, etc.

When it comes to driver qualification files, VLC has over 50 years of experience in the transportation industry. Leverage our experience which has been neatly organized into this easy-to-use tool and focus on your business, not on file management. DQMConnect™ will facilitate hiring, onboarding, renewals, and audits so you can focus on delivering outstanding services to your clients.

Our team of professionals are here to assist you. Let’s get started in revolutionizing your driver file management today!

4 Ways Vehicle Telematics Systems Create a Highly Fuel-Efficient Fleet

4 Ways Vehicle Telematics Systems Create a Highly Fuel-Efficient Fleet

Smart Vehicle Telematics Can Significantly Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Some of the best new fleet management technologies come from the field of vehicle telematics.  It’s now possible to monitor almost every aspect of a vehicle’s performance while on the road, in real-time.  This additional level of oversight can improve numerous aspects of fleet management, but it’s especially useful for reducing fuel costs.

With fuel continuing to become more expensive, it’s more important than ever to focus on fuel efficiency if you want your fleet to be cost-effective.  Vehicle telematics makes this easier to accomplish and offers several different ways to improve efficiency.

Four Ways Vehicle Telematics Systems Create A Highly Fuel-Efficient Fleet

1 – Proactive maintenance keeps vehicles running at peak performance

Today’s fleet management systems can track every individual component, including its maintenance history and expected lifespan.  This allows you to proactively replace components – such as spark plugs or tires – before they lose effectiveness, maintaining peak efficiency for the vehicle.

2 – Monitor emissions and DEF levels

If a vehicle suddenly diverges from expected emissions levels, that usually indicates a problem in the engine or the fuel system.  It might simply be low Diesel Exhaust Fuel levels or a deeper problem.  Either way, you’ll be alerted whenever there seems to be an issue with the vehicle’s emissions.  Fixing it will improve fuel efficiency, and also avoid any regulatory problems.

3 – Monitor driver performance

Vehicle telematics monitors your drivers, as well as the vehicles.  You’ll get a lot of real-time data on your drivers’ on-road behavior, such as how often they speed, or how aggressively they accelerate.  In turn, this opens up opportunities to coach them on smarter driving strategies that minimize fuel waste.  You could even use this data to directly incentivize fuel-smart driving.

In addition, you can use routing software to further improve routes and reduce fuel waste.  For example: avoiding left turns across traffic is a highly efficient strategy that most courier companies utilize.  Going around a block to avoid a left turn actually uses less fuel than idling at stoplights.

4 – Prevent fuel theft

Sadly, as fuel prices have gone up, instances of fuel being stolen from vehicles have gone up as well.  Telematic systems monitor fuel levels, as well as expected fuel use in a vehicle.  If the fuel level decreases too quickly, you’ll be notified and can investigate the problem.

VLC creates the software and tools your fleet needs for maximum efficiency. With over 50 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the industry.  Click here to learn more about our products!

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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.



Interstate: IRP | IFTA | UCR | 2290 | DOT
Tax Reporting: IFTA | OR | NM | KY | NY
Intrastate: PFR | PYR | PTI

DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.



TripDAWG® Solutions: Sort, manage, push data
Fleet Telematics: Real time fleet tracking
ELD: Powered by Geotab®
Dispatch: Powered by EXTRA®
Dashcams: Powered by Netradyne®
Drivewyze®: Connected truck services
Asset Tracking: GPS asset tracking
OEM: Mixed fleet tracking
Fleet Maintenance: Optimum VRX®

DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.