Is Your Company Ready for the 2024 California FMCSA Regulation Changes? TripDAWG Has You Covered!

Is Your Company Ready for the 2024 California FMCSA Regulation Changes? TripDAWG Has You Covered!

At Vehicle Licensing Consultants we pride ourselves on helping fleet companies stay safe, organized, and successful by offering fleet management telematics solutions, driver file management, and education about upcoming changes in the industry. 2024 will see one of those changes as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) continues to update its regulations to enhance fleet safety and streamline operations. 

The most significant change affecting California carriers is the upcoming update to the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance requirements that will take effect in January 2024. At Vehicle Licensing Consultants, we want to help our customers understand the implications of these changes and help make sure their electronic log devices are exchanged for ones that are California-compliant. 


Understanding the California FMCSA Regulation Changes –

The FMCSA regulations for ELD compliance in California will undergo significant revisions that will go into effect January 2024. The primary objective of these changes will be to improve road safety by ensuring accurate recording and monitoring of commercial drivers’ hours of service (HOS). The reasons that ELDs are mandatory for all carriers operating commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) are threefold: to replace outdated paper logs, to reduce instances of driver fatigue, and to enhance overall fleet safety.


Key Changes to the Upcoming FMCSA ELD Compliance Requirements 


#1. New ELD Specifications

The revised regulations will outline updated technical specifications for ELD devices. Carriers must confirm that their ELD solutions comply with the new requirements to meet FMCSA standards. The TripDAWG ELD device is an excellent product that can help fleet companies meet the new requirements with ease.


#2. Enhanced Data Transfer Mechanism

The new regulations will require ELDs to have more efficient data transfer systems. This establishes seamless communication between drivers, fleet managers, and law enforcement authorities and provides real-time access to HOS data.


#3. Improved Driver Oversight

When the new changes take effect, carriers will have greater responsibilities to monitor drivers’ compliance with the HOS regulations. The updated regulations will emphasize the importance of proactive fleet management using tools such as TripDAWG to minimize violations and potential risks.


#4. Fleet Safety Measures

FMCSA will highlight the significance of fleet safety measures in the updated regulations. Carriers will need to demonstrate their commitment to driver safety and compliance by utilizing advanced ELD solutions that replace many of the outdated models currently being used.


TripDAWG is Your FMCSA-Compliant ELD Solution

TripDAWG is a cutting-edge ELD product that is ready to help California carriers seamlessly adapt to the new 2024 FMCSA regulations. This innovative device comes equipped with features that ensure ELD compliance and elevate fleet safety to new heights while keeping things simple for the carrier company.


What are the Features of TripDAWG?

  • Full FMCSA Compliance – TripDAWG has been designed with the latest FMCSA regulations in mind, so that your fleet is consistently compliant with HOS requirements. Its advanced technical specifications guarantee smooth data transfer and accurate recording of drivers’ data.


  • Real-time Monitoring – With TripDAWG, fleet managers gain real-time access to drivers’ HOS data, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding route planning, rest breaks, and driver assignments. This high level of oversight fosters a culture of safety and efficiency within the organization while promoting communication between drivers and managers as well.


  • Driver-Friendly Interface – TripDAWG’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for drivers to log their hours and review their driving history. This streamlined experience helps each driver stay focused on the road, thus reducing distractions and avoiding potential risks.


  • Safety Alerts and Notifications – TripDAWG is equipped with safety alert systems that notify drivers and fleet managers of potential issues, such as exceeding driving hours or approaching rest break thresholds. These proactive measures aid in preventing violations and keeping drivers safe.


Plan for Regulation Changes Now, for a Seamless Transition Later! –

As January 2024 approaches, California carriers need to make it a priority to prepare for the updated FMCSA regulations regarding ELD compliance. Focusing on fleet safety and adhering to the new requirements is vital for every carrier’s success. With TripDAWG’s state-of-the-art ELD solution, carriers can easily navigate these changes, ensuring full FMCSA compliance while fostering a safer environment for their drivers and the general public.

Embrace the future of ELD compliance with TripDAWG and experience the transformative power of advanced fleet safety measures. Secure your fleet’s success in the upcoming year by making the switch to TripDAWG today. By doing so, you’ll stay compliant, safe, and ahead in the trucking industry! Contact us at Vehicle Licensing Consultants about the TripDAWG product or any of our other solutions at (530) 637-1696 or

TripDAWG – A Customizable Fleet Management Tool from Vehicle Licensing Consultants

TripDAWG – A Customizable Fleet Management Tool from Vehicle Licensing Consultants

Technology is improving so many aspects of daily life, and it can make an enormous difference for your company whether you are a service-based organization or a delivery business. TripDAWG – The Customizable Fleet Management Tool from Vehicle Licensing Consultants is a unique fleet management telematics program that is customizable to meet the specific objectives of your fleet. It allows data to be analyzed so that you can make informed decisions in management, logistics, safety, and compliance. With TripDAWG’s innovative and integrated technological solutions, it has become the premier customizable fleet management tool to enhance efficiency, safety, and compliance in commercial vehicles.

With TripDAWG as the foundation of your fleet’s technology system, you can have peace of mind that your dispatchers, managers, drivers and other staff members are working together efficiently and collaboratively to best meet the needs of your company.


How Does TripDAWG Work?

Step 1: The first step in using TripDAWG telematics solutions is to install individual Geotab fleet telematics devices in each one of your commercial vehicles. Click here to read about Geotab’s innovative technology, and learn how it can increase the safety of your drivers and the productivity of your company.

Step 2: After the Geotab devices are installed in each of your fleet vehicles, you can use the TripDAWG program to gather and analyze data on the following:

  • The health and reliability of each of your vehicles
  • The regulatory compliance of your fleet
  • Specific routes
  • Areas for improved efficiency
  • Driver safety
  • Sustainability

TripDawg also provides easy access to data reports, so you aren’t left feeling disorganized or frustrated trying to locate information when you need it.


GeoTab and TripDAWG Provide Security for Your Data

It’s the job of Geotab devices to collect data from each of the commercial vehicles in your fleet. Once collected, they use an ES256 encryption standard to encrypt the data and keep it private; this means you are able to safely and discreetly obtain the data without it being leaked or shared. It’s important that you are able to manage your fleet without the risk of any kind of compromised security or potential data loss due to cyber attacks. The TripDAWG telematics solution program helps your company easily gather and analyze the data so that you can quickly and easily figure out how to increase your business’s productivity and safety on the roadways.


What are the Main Benefits of TripDAWG Technology?

Because TripDAWG technology is providing your company with data in real time using the Geotab telematics devices, it can help you to save valuable money and time dealing with issues such as:

  • inclement weather
  • fuel management and cost
  • cellular service black out spots
  • road work and other road closures
  • safety precautions and protocols
  • parking solutions
  • hazardous roadways or dangerous driving conditions
  • asset tracking
  • and more!


What to do About CSA Scores Being Below the Industry Standard?

If you have been struggling with safety violations and your company would like to have the data that it needs to decrease its CSA scores, the TripDAWG management telematics solution from Vehicle Licensing Consultants is perfect for this purpose. It can help you pinpoint problems across-the-board and communicate with your drivers to increase safety precautions and decrease violations.


Why Work With Vehicle Licensing Consultants?

At Vehicle Licensing Consultants we have a friendly and knowledgeable team that always goes the extra mile to optimize safety, sustainability, and productivity in the commercial fleet industry. For general inquiries, you can call us at 530-637-1696 or email us at, and you can also sign up for our newsletter to learn more at the bottom of our website.

Each one of our staff members at Vehicle Licensing Consultants wants to help you implement the most helpful technology on the market today so that you can focus your time, energy, and attention on growing your business and meeting the needs of your customers.

Managing Fuel Consumption for Your Fleet

Managing Fuel Consumption for Your Fleet

With the rising cost of fuel, managing fuel consumption is a top concern for fleet managers. Here are some helpful tips and tools that you can use to keep fuel costs in check.

Tire Pressure

The simplest and easiest adjustment that fleet managers can make to have a positive impact on fuel consumption is regular tire pressure maintenance. For every 1 PSI below the tire’s recommended pressure, you could be losing as much as 0.2% in fuel efficiency. While 0.2% might seem like a small fraction, multiply that by miles and by the number of trucks in your fleet and you can really start to see the savings.

Not only will this simple tip prevent excess expense at the pump, but it will also save on the wear and tear of your tires. VLC’s TripDawg solution provides a way to integrate your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) so that your fleet dashboard views can quickly alert you to tires that need attention.

If you are not a current TripDawg customer, simply include a tire pressure check on your morning or pre-trip checklist and have those tires checked and inspected with the rest of the vehicle. An integrated TPMS system can be added to your telematics fleet management tools by simply calling VLC for details.

Tire Pressure and Fuel Consumption Reports

Tire pressure and fuel consumption reports will help you manage your fuel costs. These reports cover fuel consumed, distance covered, and fuel economy across a chosen time period. This will help owners and fleet managers identify the fuel efficiency and performance across the whole fleet or target specific vehicles. The ability to easily review and examine the fuel economy of your transportation assets will help you uncover what actions are needed to improve efficiency and slash fuel costs.

The Right Vehicle for the Job

Does your fleet have a diverse set of jobs, from short trip city driving to longer haul deliveries? Assigning the right vehicle to the given job is another critical step in fuel conservation. Alternative fuel vehicles are great choice for short, last-mile deliveries. As you see the impact that hybrid or EV vehicles can have when hauling lighter loads or traveling in city traffic, you can justify changes that will allow you to pair the job with the proper vehicle. This is another place that TripDawg analytics can help you fine tune your fleet operations.

Limit Speed and Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving, including operating vehicles at higher speeds, will consume more fuel. Whenever possible limit top speeds on the road by setting your telematics device to issue in-cab alerts. Often, when we drive long distances or spend a lot of time on the road, the speed of the vehicle seems to creep up over time. Set company policies about maximum vehicle speed and use telematics rules to manage vehicles within these policy levels. TripDawg provides a means to set these rules and provide fully customizable reporting so you can visualize and take action to keep aggressive driving under control. Not only will you save on fuel, but also on maintenance as accelerating and braking hard can impact the life of your vehicle components.


If you are a current TripDawg customer and unfamiliar with all of the ways that your telematics device can help you save on fuel, then contact us today for details. We will show you how your electronic logging devices can assist with cost reductions.

If you have yet to make a commitment to a full-featured telematics reporting system, then think about the savings it will bring you today, and for years to come. At VLC, your telematics system is never out-of-date. We keep you updated and informed of all the latest capabilities and reports. Monitor and manage your fleet, improving cost, productivity, and sustainability. Learn more about TripDawg and all its potential cost savings today.

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TripDAWG Sunset Program

TripDAWG Sunset Program

3G is being phased out by the major carriers. T-Mobile has announced it will sunset its 3G network by January 1, 2022. AT&T is planning its departure from 3G in February of 2022. Verizon plans to shut down its 3G network by Dec 31, 2022.

So, what happens to telematics devices that are built on 3G technology?

The short answer is that they will no longer work. The good news is that 5G or 5th Generation Mobile Networks are the latest global wireless standard. 5G networks are faster and they enable more types of devices to connect to the network and will offer a better overall experience for users.

What happens to my old telematics device?

Your ELD device will need to be replaced to be able to communicate with the new network. TripDAWG is one such technology that will be sunsetting their support for 3G services. The good news is that VLC will replace your TripDAWG device for free if the network is no longer supported in your area.

This is an important consideration for anyone who currently has an older electronic logging device and needs to upgrade to retain service.

Are you eligible for a free upgrade?

Whether or not you are a current customer of VLC, this important offer is worth investigating. Put your trust in a company that looks out for your best interests… always! We want you to have the best road experience and the most seamless transportation journey possible.

Please call our TripDAWG department for more info.


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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.



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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.