How to Leverage Fleet Data for a Safer Operation and Drivers

How to Leverage Fleet Data for a Safer Operation and Drivers

The trucking industry is responsible for road safety in a major way because of the sheer number of miles driven and the size of the vehicles. To ensure safety and efficiency, fleet operators need to leverage their data to their advantage. Here are some tips to leverage fleet data for a safer operation and drivers with geotab fleet management.


Fleet Data to Enhance Employee Coaching

You’ve got a team of drivers, and things are going well. But have you optimized your operations and ensured that every driver is maximizing their time and adhering to safety regulations? Fleet data is the first and most important step to enhancing employee coaching.

Start by gathering data using a system that allows for geotab fleet management like TripDAWG. When you are able to track and analyze data for routes and drivers, you can optimize the performance of your fleet. This data can help you identify areas of improvement for individual drivers, such as accelerating and braking habits, speed, and other aspects of their driving.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is key for any successful fleet operation. By leveraging fleet data, you can identify problem areas, such as speeding or aggressive driving, and develop strategies to address them. Additionally, you can use the data to identify opportunities for better fuel efficiency and route optimization.

Data can also be used to evaluate driver performance and reward successful drivers with bonuses or other incentives. This will encourage drivers to become more engaged in their work and improve their driving habits.


Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

It’s important to leverage your fleet data before it’s too late. By proactively monitoring and analyzing your data, you can take the necessary steps to address problem areas and maximize the performance of your fleet. Additionally, you can use the data to develop proactive safety measures that will help reduce the risk of an accident.

By leveraging your fleet data, you can ensure the safety of your drivers and optimize the performance of your fleet. With the right system and processes in place, every fleet can improve in the most important operational area – safety.


Start Leveraging Geotab Fleet Management With Vehicle Licensing Consultants

Our team of experts and geotab fleet management solutions are here to help you leverage your fleet data for a safer operation and drivers. We offer comprehensive solutions for fleet owners, including data collection and analysis, route optimization, and driver file management. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you improve the safety and performance of your fleet.

The Tech Wave is Here!!

The Tech Wave is Here!!

The transportation industry is definitely shifting from an old-school approach into the tech era. As devices, such as telematics, become more sophisticated, data capture and sharing are at the heart of mobility solutions. Fleets and trucking companies that have embraced digital transformation are benefitting. The newer technologies have helped reduce operating costs and enabled expansion their core business.

In this article, VLC shares some great tools to help you ride the technology wave for improved business efficiency, time and cost savings.

DQMConnect™ is the leading driver qualification file management solution offering centralized storage and efficient driver communications capabilities. Not only will driver files stay organized, up-to-date, and compliant but the technology approach to hiring will help attract the best candidates.

TripDAWG is a customizable fleet management telematics solution focused on 6 key areas: efficiency, safety, vehicle health and reliability, regulatory compliance, sustainability, and data access/expandability. Start with our Geotab fleet telematics core and expand your TripDAWG solution to meet your business objectives.

Mandates for electronic logging devices by the FMCSA apply to most motor carriers and drivers who are required to maintain records of duty status (RODS). These electronic requirements are propelling the technology wave and giving rise to newer and better features.

If you would like to learn more about how technology can improve your business, contact us. One of VLC’s transportation specialists will be happy to assist. Their years of industry experience are sure to uncover some great ideas to benefit your business!

Four Big Benefits to Fleet Management Solutions

Four Big Benefits to Fleet Management Solutions

What Distinguishes the Best Fleet Management Solution Software Packages?

Today, maintaining a working fleet without a good fleet management solution is nearly impossible.  Most fleet managers already have software for overseeing their operations – but is it the best software for your needs?

Fleet management software is getting better every year, adding more necessary features and benefits.  Today’s fleet management solutions are robust, multi-faceted, and integrated into other critical systems.

They go beyond merely tracking vehicles and maintenance, to giving you deep insights into how vehicle management ties into the business operations as a whole.

If you’re using fleet management software that’s several years old, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading to a new solution.

Four Big Benefits to A New Fleet Management Solution

1 – Maintenance and part replacement warnings

Fleet management software can track each component on a vehicle, including its maintenance history and expected lifespan.  These can be tied to warnings that pop up when a part is due for maintenance or replacement.  This critical information allows you to perform better preventative maintenance, stopping accidents or breakdowns before they happen.

2 – Keeping drivers safer

There are several ways better software improves driver safety.  Beyond preventing unnecessary breakdowns on the road, they can also track driver performance directly.  You can see which of your drivers are following the rules of the road, and which need coaching on better driving techniques.

3 – Reduce fuel usage

Keeping fuel costs low is critical right now, as the costs of transportation continue to go up.  You’ll be able to monitor fuel use in every vehicle independently, with warnings if a particular vehicle’s MPG suddenly drops.

You’ll be able to review driver behavior (such as needlessly aggressive acceleration and braking) as well as utilize preventative maintenance to replace items such as tires which can contribute to poor fuel efficiency.

4 – Robust reporting

Thanks to the huge amount of data that current fleet management software packages track, you get excellent reporting abilities.  Virtually any aspect of your fleet can be analyzed and reported on, including crossover reports showing how fleet performance is impacting the business as a whole.  This gives fleet managers a true wealth of information for improving the value of the fleet.

Fleet Management Solutions

Vehicle Licensing Consultants (VLC) specializes in improving fleets and fleet management systems.  From regulatory compliance to reducing your fuel use, our tools and expertise help your fleet run better. Click here to learn more about us.

4 Benefits of Investing in Software Fleet Management Solution

4 Benefits of Investing in Software Fleet Management Solution

Why Invest In A Software Fleet Management Solution

Chances are, you’re already using some sort of software to manage your working vehicle fleet – but if you aren’t using a dedicated fleet management solution, you may be missing out.  Modern fleet management software is easy, convenient, and allows you to streamline nearly every aspect of vehicle monitoring and upkeep into a single screen.

The upgrade costs are minimal, and they’ll pay off with lowered TCO and improved efficiency across your fleet.  These are just some of the benefits you may see.

Four Big Benefits to a New Software Fleet Management Solution

1 – Track your entire fleet in one overview screen

Fleet management software can tie directly into your vehicles’ GPS units and other trackers, allowing you to see every vehicle you have on a single map.  From there, you can drill down to see specifics on every individual vehicle, from performance statistics to expected lifespan on every key component.  It’s never been easier to get an at-a-glance overview of your entire fleet at once.

2 – Improve driver safety and road regulation compliance

Are your drivers properly following the rules of the road?  Even relatively minor infractions such as chronic speeding or failing to stop properly at railroad crossings can cause significant extra risk in the long run.  Depending on what tech you have in the cabs, you can potentially even monitor the drivers themselves, such as eye-tracking cameras that measure how often they’re blinking – looking out for signs that they’re driving while sleep-deprived.

You’ll be able to keep an eye on your drivers’ behavior, and even record runs in progress, for improvement coaching once they get back home.

3 – Improve fuel efficiency

With gas and diesel prices skyrocketing, you should be doing everything possible to improve fuel efficiency.  Today’s fleet management solutions give you highly granular insight into each vehicle’s on-road performance.  Besides highly accurate MPG tracking, you’ll also see if driver behaviors are contributing to fuel waste, such as unnecessary idling or overuse of cruise control or auto navigation features.

4 – Stay on top of maintenance

Preventative maintenance is far more cost-efficient than allowing vehicles to break down.  The software can track a vehicle’s overall maintenance status, as well as tracking each component – when it was last serviced, and what its expected lifespan is.  This makes it far easier to prevent breakdowns before they happen.

Get Fleet Management Solutions

Our team at Vehicle License Consultants (VLC) specializes in providing cutting-edge software solutions to the trucking industry.  Contact us to learn more.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Fleet Management Solution

Important Considerations When Choosing a Fleet Management Solution

The Most Important Considerations When Choosing a Fleet Management Solution

For people managing shipping operations and other commercial vehicle fleets, the right fleet management solution can be one of your most important operational tools.  There are numerous options and fleet management software products on the market, and while many are excellent, not every solution is right for every challenge.

It’s not a question of finding the best fleet management solution, but rather finding the best solution for your particular needs.

So, what factors should you consider?  Based on our decades of experience helping commercial fleets achieve maximum optimization, these are the areas we suggest fleet managers focus on when choosing between management solutions.

Four Critical Factors to Consider When Researching Fleet Management Solutions

1 – Your own pain points

More than anything else, the fleet management software solution you choose should address the problems that you are having in day-to-day operations.  At first, pass, don’t worry about extra features or added bells and whistles.  Think about the areas that cause you pain in your own management and look for solutions that will address those pain points first and foremost.

2 – A well-chosen feature set that reduces complexity

Another common mistake we often see is fleets choosing management solutions that are packed full of features – including features they may not ever use.  Besides typically adding to the costs of these software packages, it also adds complexity and difficulty to their operation.  A good fleet management package should be as easy to use as possible, to reduce training costs, and streamline day-to-day operation.

Plus, the best software options are modular.  If there’s a particular feature you might need someday, just wait.  You can probably add it later when the time comes.

3 – Scalability

Sure, that software package you’re looking at is sufficient for your needs today, but how long will that last?  Look at your rates of business growth, as well as your overall goals for your business.  Choose a management solution that will be able to grow with you and accommodate your likely situation at least five years down the line.

4 – Stability and guaranteed customer support

Finally, remember that you’ll undoubtedly need support from your software vendor.  You want a company that provides robust customer service – and will also still be there when you need them.  Solutions from a company that’s been in business for decades are a good idea since the vendor will likely stay in business.

Vehicle Licensing Consultants

VLC offers robust fleet management solutions for operations of any size!  Click here to learn more about our products and services.

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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.



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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.



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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.