What is DQ File Management? | Vehicle Licensing Consultants

What is DQ File Management? | Vehicle Licensing Consultants

First, what are DQ Files?

The FMCSA requires commercial motor carriers to maintain a Driver Qualification (DQ) file for each of their drivers (Title 49 CFR 391). Driver Qualification files must contain all the required documentation showing the driver is qualified to operate a commercial vehicle. Failure to comply can be costly.

Here are a few of the required documents for the driver qualification file:

  • Complete DOT compliant employment application
  • A copy of the front and back of the driver’s license
  • MVR (pre-employment and annual motor vehicle reports)
  • Certificate of road test
  • Certificate of violations
  • Previous employment history
  • Safety performance records
  • Pre-employment Drug & Alcohol documents
  • Medical card with any medical exemptions if applicable
  • FMCSA Clearinghouse queries

Additional documents may apply. Contact us for a full list or visit the Code of Federal Regulations for more information.

Driver Qualification File Management

Complete Driver Qualification File records must be maintained. Not only for the entire term that the driver is employed but for 3 years after. Many      requirements, such as MVR require an annual review. Carefully collecting and completing all the required documents for a new hire can be challenging, even daunting. However, the real burden to HR and/or the      Fleet Manager is the maintenance as employers are required to maintain current files. DOT audits are on the rise and many of them without notice. Are you ready?

Fines are Costly for DQ File Violations

As an example, just missing the 2-year requirement for a physical exam can cost over $2,000. And that is just one of many possible violations for just one driver. The costs can be astronomical if not well managed. Therefore, you can see why software tools that help manage DQ Files are an advantage.

DQMConnect™ for your Driver Qualification File Management

DQMConnect™ provides a completely unique solution for DQ File management. You maintain complete control over all your files and the confidence that the DQ files are complete and up-to-date     . When you use DQMConnect™ you’re in the driver’s seat. DQMConnect™ takes care of data availability, backups, as well as early reminders for renewals. DQMConnect™ provides an online eApplication to get the required records BEFORE you hire. You enjoy access 24×7, regular backups, complete security, and HIPAA-compliant data handling.

The DQMConnect™ dashboard provides a quick landscape view of what documents are needed from your driver applicants as      well as anything required by your existing drivers to stay current and DOT compliant.

When you stop to consider the amount of time saved in hiring and maintaining just one set of driver files, you can easily see how a Driver Qualification Management software tool like DQMConnect™ can have a positive impact on your business.

If you would like more information on DQ files or Driver File Qualification management, we are here to assist. With over 50+ years in the industry, we can answer your questions and show you how impactful DQMConnect™ can be on your business. Don’t lose control over your DQ Files, just lose the hassle of filing paper!

Contact Vehicle Licensing Consultants today to revolutionize your DQ File Management!


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NCN Shares VLC Announcement of DQMConnect™

NCN Shares VLC Announcement of DQMConnect™

News Channel Nebraska (NCN) shared VLC’s DQMConnect™ product announcement.  DQMConnect™ is a driver qualification file management tool designed to serve fleet managers, HR managers, and safety managers with hiring, qualification, compliance, audits, and management.

The unique value of DQMConnect™ is that it is a self-managed software tool that allows companies to remain in control of their own driver files. The benefits are many and the reviews have been stellar. Visit Southeast Nebraska news and read the article they shared.  Then, visit the VLC website and see what DQMConnect™ customers are saying about the value of this amazing product.

DQMConnect™ – The #1 Driver Qualification File Management Solution

Drive time into your day!

DQMConnect™ – The Top DQ File Management Tool for Your Fleet Management

DQMConnect™ – The Top DQ File Management Tool for Your Fleet Management

DQMConnect™ is not a third-party service, but a software tool that brings an incredible Return on Investment (ROI) from the first day of ownership.

HR, Safety, and Fleet Managers can expect 24% or more in time savings. Your new DQMConnect™ online driver application brings you instant access to DOT-compliant driver applicants. Your potential hires will be guided through the application process which includes all the driver qualification files that are required per FMCSA. DQMConnect™ ensures pre-hire requirements are addressed and allows you to onboard new drivers within hours.

Not only does DQMConnect™ take care of all the online DOT files needed, but it also allows for custom company forms, so your onboarding process is consistent and complete. DQMConnect™ facilitates requests for missing information, simplifies and saves time. It is a huge win for the company, the HR manager, the Fleet manager, and the driver. What a great first impression for new drivers!

DQMConnect™ Keeps You in the Driver Seat

You are in control of all your driver files…always. 24×7 access, backup, and full security, including HIPAA compliance. Here is a list of all the advantages of managing your driver qualification files with DQMConnect™:

  • Smart online application for acquiring new drivers
  • Expedited, consistent, and compliant onboarding process
  • Automated renewal management
  • Secure online file storage and management
  • 24×7 access
  • Driver communication portal
  • Integrations such as Geotab, First Advantage and more.

End You Paperwork Headache

Simply your files, streamline your business. Let DQMConnect™ drive time      into your day. It’s  time to take advantage of this “Game-Changing     ” software!


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DOT Driver Management Software: Putting Your Drivers First

DOT Driver Management Software: Putting Your Drivers First

DOT driver management software is designed with drivers in mind. It offers a number of features and solutions to make the driver’s experience better, from self-managed systems to driver communications portal. Here are the five main ways that DOT driver management software puts drivers first.

Completely Self-Managed

You should have complete control over your files. DQMConnect™ gives you a self-managed file management system, so you are in control of how your driver files are organized and stored. Sometimes driver management software will be offered as a service, meaning they have control of your files, and manage everything for you, taking control. Having control of your files gives you the power to put your drivers first.

Handling Recruiting

The best driver management software will have a great recruiting module. This will make it easy to onboard and manage regular and seasonal drivers. Seasonal drivers can be a great addition to your team, but only if they are managed properly. The ability to reactivate an application and just fill in the gaps makes seasonal hiring exceptionally easy. With the right solution, your drivers are always up-to-date on the latest compliance regulations.


The onboarding process can be a nightmare for drivers, but it doesn’t have to be. The best driver management software will have an onboarding module that makes it easy for drivers to get started. This module will walk them through all the necessary steps, from completing DOT compliance requirements to understanding the company’s policies. An automated onboarding process will save you time and headaches and put your drivers first by making them feel like a part of the team faster.


Compliance is a mandatory requirement for all drivers. The best driver management software will have a compliance module that makes it easy for drivers and your business to stay compliant. This module will keep track of all the latest regulations and ensure that drivers are always up-to-date and ensuring your company avoids costly penalties.

Driver Portal

This is an important aspect of DQMConnect™ as drivers are typically on the road a fair bit. The driver communication portal eliminates the need for email, texts, and phone call. Driver can receive automated notices and complete necessary task for renewals from their phones or tablets.

Implement DOT Driver Management Software from Vehicle Licensing Consultants and Take Control!

DOT driver management software is a great way to put your drivers first. With the right solution, you can take control of your files, recruiting, onboarding, compliance, and training. Contact Vehicle Licensing Consultants today to learn more about how we can help you implement the best DOT driver management software for your business, DQMConnect™. We’re here to help you put your drivers first!

Everything You Need to Know About Driver Qualification Files and File Management

Everything You Need to Know About Driver Qualification Files and File Management

If your US-based operation employs professional drivers who operate vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds, you are required by law to maintain Driver Qualification (DQ) files on every relevant driver you employ.  To be specific, this includes:

  • Vehicles weighing 10,001+ pounds
  • Commercial vehicles that transport at least 8 passengers, including driver
  • Any vehicle of any size transporting hazardous materials that require placards

As an aside, this also includes independent owner-operators. In this situation, you are considered to be both employer and employee in the eyes of the law and have all the same legal responsibilities as any other transportation company.

If any of these qualifiers includes your operation, it is critical to stay on top of your DQ files. These may be requested by authorities and investigators whenever relevant. In particular, should one of your drivers ever be involved in an accident due to their own error, a well-maintained DQ file that’s fully in compliance will be one of your best shields against legal liability.

For this reason, it’s highly advised that all transportation operations invest in DOT driver qualification file management software.  Automation features and alerts make it much easier to maintain compliance while reducing your own workload.

What Goes into A DQ File?

There are numerous documents you are expected to maintain and update on a periodic basis to remain fully within legal compliance.

1 – DOT Employment Application

The original employment application includes numerous pieces of information which are required for your DQ file. And again, even if it seems silly for an owner-operator to fill out an employment application for themselves, this is a legal requirement.

The employee application should cover:

  • The past three years of employment history, with no gaps in time which go unexplained. Any deviations such as time spent unemployed, or as a student, must be noted. Also, if the driver is operating a vehicle weighing 26,000 pounds or more, the requirement is ten years of history.
  • All relevant records relating to the driver’s experience operating motor vehicles.
  • Any accidents and other moving violations from the past three years. If none occurred, this should be noted.
  • If the driver’s license was ever suspended or revoked during this period, this must be noted as well, or else include a statement saying that it has not.

Keep in mind, this application needs to be kept current and updated on an annual basis to reflect the most recent three-year period. (Or ten-year period for heavy truckers.)

2 – Medical certifications

Drivers are required to undergo physical evaluation and medical certification at least once every 24 months. It is the employer’s responsibility to demand these evaluations and keep records current. In certain situations, existing medical conditions may mandate more frequent evaluations to demonstrate the driver’s competency.

3 – CDL testing and certification documentation

The file should include a current copy of the driver’s CDL.  If the position does not require a CDL, you need to include alternative certifications demonstrating their competency with whatever vehicle they operate. It is, again, your responsibility as an employer to maintain driver’s license compliance and be able to demonstrate the legal status of your drivers.

4 – MVRs and Violations

You are expected to maintain copies of the drivers’ Motor Vehicle Report (i.e., their driving history) for the past three years, including all states in which the driver has held a license. These should be updated at least once every 12 months.

5 – Safety Performance History Investigations

All drivers in DOT-regulated positions must have a safety history investigation, which includes contacting past employers. This should include:

  • Written authorization from the driver to allow the investigation. Yes, owner-operators, you must grant yourself permission to investigate yourself.
  • All responses from prior DOT-regulated employers. If a past employer fails to respond to the investigation request, this must be noted, along with documentation of how you attempted to contact them or otherwise obtain the information.
  • If this is the driver’s first DOT-regulated job, this should be noted.

Better DOT Driver Qualification File Management Software Keeps You in Compliance

This is a lot of information to gather, review, and maintain – and the difficulty only grows with the number of drivers in your workforce. The best way to maintain compliance is with DOT driver qualification file management software. Modern solutions can automate many aspects of the process, give reminders when key documents must be reviewed/updated/renewed, and prevent any user errors maintaining compliant documentation.

DOT Driver Qualification File Management Software

Vehicle Licensing Consultants specializes in providing the tools that today’s transportation managers need to maintain compliance. DQMConnect™ puts everything you need in one place, with an easy-to-use interface.

If you struggle to maintain your DQ file, click here to learn more about DQMConnect™ or request a free 30-day trial.

Is Your Fleet Ready for Roadcheck 2022?

Is Your Fleet Ready for Roadcheck 2022?

The worst event in professional transportation is almost here again.  Roadcheck 2022, a 72-hour regulatory enforcement event, is set to begin on May 17 and last through May 19. For those three days, inspectors will be empowered to pull over any commercial motor vehicles at random for on-the-spot inspections and paperwork verification.

For newer operations, or drivers, this can be a shock – and potentially bring expensive penalties. here’s what you need to know.

Preparing For Roadcheck 2022

The first thing to know is that every annual Roadcheck event has a specific focus, an area of compliance that inspectors will focus on. This year, the theme is wheel end compliance. In fairness, as wheel-related problems are believed to cause roughly 25% of accidents, it’s understandable why this would be a focus.

So above all, you must ensure your vehicles’ wheels, hubs, and tires are in top condition.  Any violations will be met with steep penalties.

The inspectors will specifically be looking for:

  • Loose, missing, or broken wheel fasteners
  • Any damage to rims, inside and out
  • Unseated locking rings, or damaged locking rings
  • Lubricant leaks
  • Missing caps and plugs
  • Tire leaks, including valve stem issues
  • Tire inflation violations

To be clear, inspectors will not solely focus on the wheels. All aspects of the vehicle may be inspected, including the brakes, cargo containers, couplings, exhaust, driveshafts, even the windshield wipers.  Your vehicles need to be in top condition!

In addition, paperwork will also be examined. This is where good driver file software management can be a big help. Your drivers will be expected to produce up-to-date medical cards demonstrating their physical capability, as well as documenting any relevant medical issues. Their driver’s licenses will be run, and they may be forced to produce other pertinent certifications and documentation as well. If you are maintaining your records well, it will be far easier for you to ensure all your drivers’ paperwork is in order, and that they have proper documentation ready on demand.

We Provide Cutting-Edge Driver File Software Solutions

Vehicle Licensing Consultants specializes in helping transportation companies manage and navigate the bureaucracy of the transport industry. Our software solutions can manage every aspect of your Driver Qualification files, providing warnings as needed when information is out-of-date, or critical deadlines are coming. With DQMConnect™ on your side, passing the paperwork side of Roadcheck 2022 will be much easier.

There’s still time to get in compliance. Click here to request a free 30-day trial of DQMConnect™!

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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.



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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.



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DQMConnect™​ is now live!

DQMConnect™ is a self-managed software tool designed to meet the growing need to ensure and manage DOT driver qualification files.