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TripDAWG ELD powered by Geotab is a FMCSA 395.15 compliance solution for Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting.  Easy to install, Easy to use, Easy to manage.

  • Installation of Go Device:  plug-n-play into trucks ECM (6, 9 14 pin heavy duty harness) 10 minutes
  • Download Geotab Drive on your smart phone or tablet (Android or iOS)
  • Log-in to Geotab Drive with your credentials
  • Choose your vehicle, complete DVIR
  • Drive

Driver-friendly features

The user-friendly dashboard and intuitive workflow guides drivers step-by-step. Night mode available for easier viewing in the dark.

  • Automatic duty status changes and quick touch exemptions
  • Electronically-generated Duty Status graph
  • Pop-up reminders for drivers to verify logs, add shipments and other tasks


Strengthen ELD compliance with alerts

  • Minimize HOS violations with in-app driver warnings
  • Get real-time alerts for violations and drivers not logged in
  • Compliance managers can track driver logs, violations and hours remaining in MyGeotab

Simplify vehicle inspections

Geotab ELD provides a complete end-to-end inspection workflow for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR). Inspections show defects, who identified the defect and who repaired it. Drivers can select either pre-trip or post-trip inspection.

  • Customize your defects list
  • Print vehicle inspection reports right from MyGeotab
  • Automatically notify the mechanic when a DVIR is completed and a repair is needed


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