Surfsight for Safety

December 14, 2020

Surfsight helps you get the full picture of what’s happening on the road in real-time. Surfsight is a dash mounted camera with Distracted Driver Detection (DDD) that offers a major leap forward in fleet safety. This Pro-active dashcam offers a crisp high definition video of the road ahead and driver video that can be turned off maintaining DDD functionality. All video data is stored on an SD card, (up to industry leading 512 GB). Triggered event clips are automatically uploaded to the cloud and stored for 30 days. Easy access allows you to play, review and download stored video at any time.

What Does this Mean for Your Fleet?

Surfsight offers fleet managers the ability to detect and correct risky driving. Fleet managers can also identify sudden actions such as acceleration, sharp turns, harsh braking and more. Artificial intelligence and computer technology help detect and alert on distracted, drowsy, and unsafe driving behaviors.

More Benefits

Not only does Surfsight’s dashcam help prevent dangerous driving situations, but it also provides a user-friendly platform to help manage multiple vehicles from a single screen. Fully integrated with Geotab Telematics or stand-alone the dashboard is cloud-based technology allowing access from virtually anywhere.

If you are a fleet owner or fleet manager and are interested in learning more about Surfsight and how it can help you, VLC would be happy to help. Our team can show you how Surfsight can manage risk and protect your drivers. Put technology to work to save you money and protect your greatest assets. We are here to show you how!


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