Next Generation Networks

December 2, 2020

5G or 5th Generation Mobile Networks are the latest global wireless standard. 5G enables a new kind of network connectivity that will allow virtually everyone and everything (people, machines, objects, appliances, and devices) to communicate. In addition, 5G technology promises a higher multi Gigabit per second data speed, low latency, increased reliability, and a more uniform experience for users.

To do this, telephony providers must add massive network capacity, increased efficiency, and above all, improved availability as more people, more devices, and more demand.

How Does this Impact Transportation?

The 5G network is still relatively new and only available in certain countries. South Korea, China, and the United States are the countries that lead the world in building and deploying 5G technology. Today, 4G is the communications standard and many of the current devices that support the transportation industry will be sunsetting their 3G devices in favor of 4G supported devices.

Good News – Free TripDAWG Replacements

TripDAWG is one such technology that will be sunsetting their support for 3G services. The good news is that VLC will replace customers’ TripDAWG device for free if the network is no longer supported in your area. That is our technology guarantee. How is your provider handling the upgrade?

This is an important consideration for anyone who currently has an older electronic logging device and needs to upgrade to retain service.

Whether or not you are a current customer of VLC, this important offer is worth investigating. Put your trust in a company that looks out for your best interests… always! We want you to have the best road experience and the most seamless transportation journey possible.


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