Is My ELD Data Secure?

December 17, 2020

Telematics devices generate a large amount of data daily. ELD devices are tracking all vehicle and driver activities necessary for reporting as well as for the business to control fuel and maintenance costs. Protecting this data is important on many levels as it may contain customer accounts, schedules, shipment data, assets, and personal information.

It is clear to see that not only is this data is extremely valuable to the small business owner, the fleet manager, the CIO, and the CEO, it is valuable to everyone involved, including clients. How your telematics data is handled and protected from cybercrimes is critical.

Geotab – The Leader in Telematics

At VLC, we have partnered with the leader in telematics and the ELD industry, Geotab. Geotab takes a very rigorous approach to information security and they are continually improving upon their security measures. In addition, they provide recommendations to clients and partners to ensure all Geotab telematics systems are resilient to intrusion and uncompromising with respect to information security.

Here are key recommendations from Geotab for data security for your telematics system:

  • Secure data transfer
  • Digital signatures for updates
  • Hardware code protection
  • Use of cryptography
  • Third-party security audits
  • Limit server access
  • Keep software & firmware updated
  • Verify & test

Comprehensive Security Measures

Your data must be secure across all aspects of your telematics ecosystem. Starting with the design and manufacture of the telematics device itself and the firmware security controlling the device, you need reassurances that your device is free of malware or compromise from a malicious party.

Secondly, the data transfer to the central server, security in the cloud, and your corporate culture must be rigorous in practicing and refining security processes.

Security Best Practices

In summary, protect your data with a telematics product that is steeped in industry best practices and comprehensive security processes.  Pair that with a strong corporate culture and employee training in security to maintain a constant vigilance of your important assets.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Let’s all do our part to keep data safe!


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