CARB Compliance Impacts Vehicle Registration

August 27, 2019

California Air Resources Board is enforcing CA CARB COMPLIANCE through CA DMV registration renewals. There has been a new policy set into place that may affect your vehicles. The California Air Resource Board has set new regulations regarding vehicle engine compliance.


Q: What vehicles are affected?  
A: All Diesel Vehicles that have a GVW/ CVW of 14,000 pounds or more.
Q: When are vehicles affected?
A: CARB compliance has already been affecting vehicles. The “official” policy date is 1/1/2020.
Q: How are vehicles affected?
A: Vehicles will NOT be able to renew registration, be transferred into California, be transferred to another registered owner, or run legally in California.
Is Your Vehicle is Compliant? :
Other useful links:
CARB Official Site:
Contact CARB:

Mailing Address: (include phone number or email address when mailing documents)
California Air Resources Board
Mail Stop: Diesel Enforcement
P.O. BOX 2815
Sacramento, California 95812
Alteration Requirements by Engine Year:
*** Engine model years are typically a year behind the Vehicle Model Year*** (Ex: a 2005 Vehicle model has a 2004 Engine).




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