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Gateway Connect is a CRM, (customer relationship management), asset managment and business operations software developed as a SAAS, (software as a service) solution for registration service companies and transportation companies. Developed in 2010, Gateway Connect has experienced 3 major re-writes along with many updates and growth.

One software program will not solve all your business requirements so we use an open API enabling connectivity to other software solutions.


Here are key reasons why this software is a must have for Registration Service Businesses:

  1. Customer Information Management - manage customers' information:  assets, renewal dates, customer files
  2. Automated DMV or Agency forms - auto fill and agency form, edit forms with Adobe Reader
  3. Document Management - 'drag n drop' PDF files for equipment, driver, work order and customer. Easy to retrieve.
  4. Renewal Tracking & Management: Truck, Driver, Permit or any other renewal dates

Customers' Comments:

"Gateway Connect has greatly simplified management and tracking of information, and units, for even our most complicated customers."
- Lucas
"We store documents for customers, have better control of equipment list and tracking of customer projects through-out the office. Being able to find a specific document and email to our customer has saved us a lot of time and paper."
- Gina
"I like having all the information at my finger tips."
- Miranda
"The ability to easily research client inquiries, history, etc."
- Robert
"Gateway Connect lets me instantly see the status of the work in my office. It's flexible and easy to use, and makes my office's workload much easier to manage.  The bonus is that I can see it no matter where I am."
- Lisa
"Mass upload equipment and generate DMV forms"
- Jannell

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