Fleet Services

CA Credentials in 24 hours – NO WAITING

VLC is an authorized business partner of the CA DMV and can process your transactions, deliver credentials in-house.

VLC offers a variety of STATE registration solutions for worry free renewals. VLC utilizes technology, (GATEWAY CONNECT), industry knowledge and partnerships to help keep our customers compliant by reducing costly late renewal penalties.

Gateway Connect: Using PHP programming and a comprehensive SQL database of our customers fleet information, Gateway generates automated renewal reports.

Team VLC: Our knowledge staff can register your fleet in most states.

Business Partner: VLC is a business partner with the CA DMV enabling us to complete most DMV transactions in our office and issue plates, stickers, registration cards from our office, quickly and efficiently. VLC also works closely with many other state DMV offices to complete your registration needs.

Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR)

Fleets with 25 or more vehicles can enjoy the benefits of the Permanent Fleet Registration program. VLC will manage your California based fleet renewals and you will not have to find your vehicles to apply stickers and replace registration cards. VLC submits a monthly report identifying the vehicles requiring registration fees. Our customers review, edit the report as necessary for adds, deletes and submit one check as required for the registration fees.

Link: PFR Brochure

Partial Year Registration (PYR)

Commercial motor vehicles not operated throughout a calendar year may be registered for a partial period of one month or more, but less than 12 months. Enables commercial transportation companies to expense registration fees throughout the year or only pay for registration fees during months of operation for seasonal use.

Trailer Registration (PTI)

Trailers are registered under the Permanent Trailer Identification (PTI) Program. They are subject to a maintenance service fee every five years rather than annual renewal and may beplaced on non-operation. VLC offers an automated maintenance plan to keep your trailers in compliance.

  • PTI maintenance renewals
  • PTI replacement plates
  • PTI title transfers
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Vehicle Licensing Consultants
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