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Vehicle Licensing Consultants
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CRM and Buiness Operations SAAS

Gateway Connect is both a CRM, (customer relationship management) and business operations software developed as a SAAS, (software as a service) solution for registration service companies. Developed in 2010, Gateway Connect has experienced 3 major re-writes along with many updates and growth. Gateway is a cloud software residing with DigitalOcean on 2 dedicated servers. One server for user access, the second to store and protect all your files. Cloudflare enhances the internet experience while improving the security levels.

Our open API enables connectivity to other software solutions.


Here are 3 key reasons why this software is a must have for Registration Service Business'

  1. Customer Information Management - manage customers' information:  assets, renewal dates, customer files
  2. Automated DMV or Agency forms - auto fill and agency form, edit forms with Adobe Reader
  3. Archival and Retrieval - document storage at equipment, driver, work order and customer level. Documents are easily retrieved


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