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  • ELD Compliant
  • Simple, Plug-n-Play install
  • BYOD, Garmin, DAWG
  • Business Intelligence Data
  • Driver Safety Scorecard
  • Remote Engine Diagnostics
  • Excellent ROI


  • Customer / Asset Management
  • Auto fill DMV forms
  • Manage & Simplify renewals
  • File archival & smart retrieval
  • Easy to deploy - SAAS

news: CARB Compliance Impacts Vehicle Registration

California Air Resources Board is enforcing CA CARB COMPLIANCE through CA DMV registration renewals. Contact us at 530-637-1696 or SCROLL DOWN to learn how this may impact you.

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VLC is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to providing solutions to the trucking industry. We have been serving our customers for more than 50 years and pride ourselves on our ability to simplify trucking regulatory and compliance needs.

With our team of experts, we understand many of the challenges that you face in the trucking industry and are constantly working to innovate and partner to create the most custom and comprehensive solutions for your fleet. We create a natural flow of information from beginning to end, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

In addition to all your licensing, registration, permitting and reporting needs, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to solve business challenges related to driver safety and compliance, productivity, and operations costs.


Contact us to learn more about our "ELITE" business packages for a comprehensive solution, which includes  ELD's, Registration, Permits and more.

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  • IFTA and other State Permits
  • Automated Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting

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  • ELD, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
  • Dispatch and Routing

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Our mission is to offer unprecedented customer services through creative solutions for the trucking industry. Our team consists of innovators and solution specialists who thrive on simplifying challenging tasks for our customers.

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CARB Compliance Impacts Vehicle Registration

There has been a new policy set into place that may affect your vehicles. The California Air Resource Board has set new regulations regarding vehicle engine compliance.


Q: What vehicles are affected?  
A: All Diesel Vehicles that have a GVW/ CVW of 14,000 pounds or more.
Q: When are vehicles affected?
A: CARB compliance has already been affecting vehicles. The “official” policy date is 1/1/2020.
Q: How are vehicles affected?
A: Vehicles will NOT be able to renew registration, be transferred into California, be transferred to another registered owner, or run legally in California.
Is Your Vehicle is Compliant? :
Other useful links:
CARB Official Site:
Contact CARB:

Mailing Address: (include phone number or email address when mailing documents)
California Air Resources Board
Mail Stop: Diesel Enforcement
P.O. BOX 2815
Sacramento, California 95812
Alteration Requirements by Engine Year:
*** Engine model years are typically a year behind the Vehicle Model Year*** (Ex: a 2005 Vehicle model has a 2004 Engine).

Vehicles 14,001-26,000 lbs    Vehicles 26,001 lbs and Heavier  
Engine Model Year Replace or Repower Engine   Engine Model Year Replace or Re-power Level 3 PM Filter Required
1995 & Older 1/1/2015   1993 and Older 1/1/2015 Not required
1996 1/1/2016   1994-1995 1/1/2016 Not required
1997 1/1/2017   1996-1999 1/1/2020 1/1/2012
1998 1/1/2018   2000-2004 1/1/2021 1/1/2013
1999 1/1/2019   2005 - 2006 1/1/2022 1/1/2014
2000-2003 1/1/2020   2007-2009 1/1/2023 1/1/2014
2004-2006 1/1/2021        
2007 - 2009 1/1/2023